Mall, bentuk pembangunan semu Jakarta

i dare say that malls built around jakarta is the picture of “pembangunan semu”

do u need those malls? do we? we should ask ourself,,, what if they dont exist?

lack of public space made those malls always crowded everyday, especially on weekend,,, why? because they think they have no other choice

human is communal, they’d love to gather, share some stories, with people who had something in common, n the easiest place to meet are malls

i miss Malang n jogja,, in malang we gather in a friends house, coffe shop beside the street, a park, even cemetery haha,,,

in jogja, people gather in angkringan,,, the economic level doesnt matter, from entrepreneurs to the tkg becak. no boundaries

but in Jakarta, mall just become lifestyle, or i can even say way of life. eat? mall sports? mall refreshing?
mall shop? mall

if the malls provide beds for customers, maybe people will sleep there 😉

unfortunately, the consumerism culture becoming a national trend,people start 2 want stuff they dont need, or worse, stuff they cant afford

i admit, i still go to the malls. but i reduce the frequency,, 😉 if i meet people or looking some stuff. it should have a purpose

high schoolers n college go to the mall almost everyday,, if they dont have a job? wheres the money from? no problem if their parent rich

but if their parents not rich? who will bear their expensive lifestyle? crime and prostitute is the answer

the disparity between the rich n the poor widening,,, the middle class trying to act like the rich lifestyle,,, which they cant afford

eventually, the middle class drown into the sea of debt and being a poor class,,, the middle class is gone,,, *worst scenario

or, if the middle class live simple,, being frugal n controlling their expenditure. they can be rich if they manage their money right

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2 responses to “Mall, bentuk pembangunan semu Jakarta

  1. artinya apa ya???? 😛

    ulasan yang menarik!

  2. terima kasih mbak ikaaa 😉

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