I’m not a risk taker

After all along, 20 and a half year of my life. I feel that i live a flat life. I’ve never been so happy nor sad. I dunno if it’s normal or not, but i think it proved that i’m a man who play safe,, i’m not a risk taker,, and people* said that that type of man was hardly to success  in  life.

Personality of a child affected by three circumstances, family, friends, and school. Family affected the most of our behaviour, how our family esp. Our parents create values of ethics and manners according to the tradition within us.


Based on fact above, i can conclude that my “not risk taker” chara come from my parents. My parents both are civil servant (PNS) who don’t live by risk everyday. Not so long anymore, i’ll become civil servant myself. Following their step. The same path i take, but i did it with my own way,,

Maybe the story will be different if my parents are businessmen, they will educate and train me as a businessmen. I know we can’t generalize that, but i see the sample within myself and i can’t deny it. A boy who had strong character will go on his own way with or without support from his family, i call him an idealist. He planned his future and sooner or later, he want to realize the plan.

We can’t blame the parents for our bad chara, coz i’m sure that they did the best to raise their child(ren), no one want their children to be a burglar, or some useleess role in the public.

There are several way to rome, we don’t have to follow our parents. We can make our own path, and it will be so satisfying if we can achieve it.

. (*people refers to the entrepeneur who write the business books)

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4 responses to “I’m not a risk taker

  1. ga ngerti secara pasti, lupa bawa kamus…
    secara bahasa inggris gw di rapot jeblok

  2. sante2, gw juga heran koq bisa nulis gituan,, kesambet setan bule kali ya??

  3. hmm…
    ah, jangan terlalu cepat menyimpulkan. :mrgreen:

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